Age of Castles

Age of Castles 2.89

A great strategy game and a challenge as a King of your Castle

Play at the Age of Castles and enjoy the challenge of being a King, rule your castle and your people, defend them and grow your place to be a great community. The main objective of this game is to build your castle and grow your community with builders, clerics, soldiers and merchants. Build and make your castle bigger so you can have more people living in your community, that way you will have a great kingdom. In this game each type of person has a different role, builders will help you with the construction of your castle, clerics will convert more people to your community, soldiers will make you stronger to defend your kingdom in battles, and merchants will produce you gold. In this game every day has different situations and you must select how many people you want as clerics, builders, merchants and soldiers. According to the situation of each day, the people of your community will work to grow a strong kingdom, so you must decide how many people you will have in each category.
Your castle will be invade by enemies like bats, gremlins, spiders an others, you must have enough soldiers to win battles.

Birgilio Rivera
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